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I wanted to payday loan online as early as possible, but last year I rested for three months, and it was not very fun. I became the housewife, and payday loan online first week I loved it, especially the lack of thoughts about Formula 1. But now I understand that I will be greatly missed".

According to the results of Friday practice McLaren drivers were at the end of the second ten. The worst situation is only in Manor-Marussia.

Jenson button showed the 16-th result, Fernando Alonso - 18th. The last engine failure. Jenson button "on Friday, the lap time is not so important, the main thing is the feel of the flying machine. We have achieved good traction with the track, but so far are unable to use it. There were difficulties with balance. But all cash loans in equal situation, especially considering the high pressure in the tires, with which we have to work here.

I think tonight we will find a solution. Saturday cash loans and Sunday it might rain, and we hope it is our chance to succeed. So Saturday is waiting for me hard work in preparation for qualifying and the race. We'll have to replace the power plant, and I'll work with that engine, which was used in Mexico. But I'm not upset. I think the problems will still be here and in Abu Dhabi and next season they will not. We are still learning". According to Autosport, Renault team engineers arrived in Anton, at the base of the Lotus team.

This suggests that the French company decided to buy the British team to next season to put in the Formula-1 returned to their factory stable.

It is expected that the team will be headed by Bob bell. In 2001-2010 he worked in the Renault, including the technical Director. In 2011-2014 bell worked in Mercedes, also in the position of technical Director.

Recently he was a consultant to Manor-Marussia. Official statement about the purchase of the team Lotus Renault is expected in early December, immediately after the end of the 2015 season. Avtoparty the world Council of the FIA allowed Pirelli tyre to run more tests in December to prepare for the season-2016.

The tests will be held in Abu Dhabi on 1 December, two days after the end of the 2015 season. They will start at 9 a. Tire manufacturers intend to check the design of the tyres developed for the new season and a new type of "Ultrasoft" UltraSoft.

Each team may enter only one car. The wheel may sit as the primary pilot, and a backup. Prohibited during the tests to check any new items and to change the configuration of the machine. Work will proceed solely on the program made by the Pirelli engineers.

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